Mission Statement

Core Values

Our organizational CORE Values and Culture are as unique as our diverse nationalities.

Directors, Ambassadors and Society Members:


  • Believe in placing the welfare of Mother Earth and humanity above profits

  • Are committed to the development of Social Enterprise Centres and sustainable employment opportunities

  • Are committed to developing a culture that recognizes the values of cannabis in all forms and applications

  • Believe in an individuals right to medicate whenever it is safe and lawful

  • Have achieved a healthy balance in key aspects of their earthly journey

  • Project a positive vibe that is contagious

Social Enterprise Centres

Where’s the Funding Come from?

Our social media demographic attracts  marketing and sponsorship dollars from National Corporations  and local Cannabis Entrepreneurs.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Be Like Chong invest these resources into carrying out the our Mission Statement and Core Values.  


To increase our ability to give, we  organize local and National fundraising events such as music  and film festivals.


We NEVER ask our social media followers for money (please donate to your local food bank).


We do NOT sell any form of Cannabis. 


We DO invest our resources in making the Be Like Chong Movement a Global success.



Future Opportunities

 Board of Directors


  • Our Board members establish annual goals and influence the direction of the organization
  • Members of the BOD will be appointed during the 4:20 Summit


 National Directors 


  • National Directors represent BLC in their country of citizenship
  • National Directors  develop  collaborations and coordinate National fundraising events
  • National Directors are  responsible for the recruitment  and guiding of Provincial/State/Territorial Directors


 Provincial/State/Territorial Directors


  • Provincial Directors  develop  collaborations and coordinate Provincial fundraising 
  • Provincial Directors maintain a guiding relationship with Be Like Chong Societies and Community Ambassadors and collaborate on epic events


 Community Ambassadors and Sanctioned Societies


  • Ambassadors have their finger on the communities pulse

  • Ambassadors are responsible for establishing a local Be Like Chong Society

  • Sanctioned societies will be able to identify local  opportunities to perform acts of humanity

  • Sanctioned Societies will hold official events and promote the movement 

Our Directors

Global GuRu   del facto              Tommy Chong 

Board of Directors                      TBA @ the 4:20 Summit 4/20/20 

International Director                Barry Bennett

National Directors                                            

  • United States                        TBA

  • Canada                                  TBA   

  • Uruguay                                TBA

  • Peru                                      TBA

  • Spain                                    TBA

  • Netherlands                          TBA

  • South Africa                          TBA

  • North Korea                          TBA

  • Jamaica                                TBA

  • Portugal                               TBA

  • Australia                              TBA

  • Switzerland                          TBA

  • Argentina                             TBA

  • Cambodia                             TBA

  • Costa Rica                            TBA

  • Czech Republic                     TBA

  • Ecudor                                  TBA

  • Italy                                      TBA

  • Estonia                                  TBA

  • Mexico                                  TBA

  • Israel                                    TBA

  • Germany                               TBA

  • more to follow