Sanctioned Events Calendar

New Years Eve Smociable


In with the good shit, out with the bullshit! Start the New Year off with enlightened minds and hearts with an organized Smociable.

Burn some flowers. Establish high expectations and plan your next random acts of kindness.

Leap Year Smociable


There's an urban legend that claims, once every four years, Stoners unite for a massive "sesh" of Epic proportions.

What will your Buds inspire?

4:20 Summit

Kings County, Nova Scotia

The 4:20 Summit brings together community stakeholders , encourages collaborations, and selects a Board of Directors.

Are you interested in joining our movement?

Earth Day Smociable


Get them Buds together and perform an act of Kindness to Mother Earth. Tell us about your pre-planned activity on our FaceBook group and reach volunteers.

Tag your photos for a chance to win a trip to...?

Tommy's Birthday Smociable


Raise a Bong in honour of our Great Guru's birthdate. Invite your neighbours to a BUD-BQ Start a medicinal garden Perform anonymous Acts of Kindness Restore a public area